There are many activities and brain games available, both online and offline. The type that you choose will depend on your preference and the appropriateness to the learners. If you are looking for educational games for children, there are a variety that you can choose from, including the ones that are found at MentalUP. Some of the types of games that are effective are as follows.

Interactive Games

There are interactive games that young people can play with their peers, either physically or virtually. Such games can tackle a thematic subject, such as how well the children know animals, whether they can use the knowledge to take care of animals, and some of the shortcomings they experience when taking care of animals. The kind of interactive games to choose will depend on the level of grasp that the child has.


If you want to add some fun to the learning process, you should incorporate some quizzes. Young people enjoy when they engage in activities that add some challenge to the learning process. Check out examples of quizzes to teach children about animals and how such quizzes help children in learning about different types of animals and their role in taking care of them. There can also be pop-up quizzes offline where educators ask children about what they know and use the information to teach them.

Participatory Learning

Educators should never underestimate the value of introducing participatory learning to young people. Something as basic as a song about animals goes a long way in imparting knowledge. Young learners can also be introduced to drama and role-play, especially in teaching people about empathy towards animals.

It always helps to identify the method that works best for individual children. Doing research and reading reviews will also go a long way in ensuring the games are appropriate.