There is a misconception that advocating and championing animal rights can only be done by non-governmental organizations. However, individuals and even establishments such as schools can also play a vital role in protecting animals. If you are wondering how they can get involved, below are some tips.

Incorporate Animal Rights in the Curriculum

As part of the teaching curriculum, there should be sessions dedicated to educating people on the importance of animal rights. This should include both theory and practical aspects where possible. It is even better if the subject is introduced when the learners are young so that they grow up appreciating the importance of taking care of animals. It can also include a trip to an animal center where students get to see rescued animals and interact with workers at the rescue centers, who will give them real-life stories on how animals suffer and why they should be saved.

Encourage Learners to Pursue Careers in Animal Rights

Many career choices can be explored in the animal rights category. These include being a veterinary doctor, pursuing animal welfare litigation, and even working as a policymaker on issues affecting animals. Educators can make deliberate efforts to nudge learners who are passionate about animals to take an interest in the different career options.

Hold Community Service Events

Institutions of learning can set up community service activities or events where learners earn extra credit for participating in activities that champion animal welfare and rights. It can be something as simple as cleaning the facilities or even helping with social media campaigns.

There are many opportunities where learners can experience and participate in activities that make them understand and appreciate the importance of taking care of animals. Schools can partner with non-governmental institutions that work with animals to ensure the learners get the best out of their experience.