There are many animal welfare and rights organizations that operate around the world. They all have different mandates, but their main objective is to ensure animals are treated well. This can sometimes be a difficult goal to achieve, considering that there are many issues which affect animals globally, including poaching and abandonment of animals. Some of the things that welfare and rights groups that work for animals advocate for include the following:

Ending Mistreatment of Animals

Animals, both domestic and wild face a lot of suffering. Some start out as pets but end up abandoned in the streets when the owners cannot take care of them. There are also wild animals that are captured and caged for the entertainment of people. These groups also get actively involved in recruiting animals that are being mistreated and ensure that they are well taken care of.

Establishment of Laws to Protect Animals

One of the areas that animal rights and welfare advocates always want is for policymakers to come up with laws that will protect the animals. Over the years, different countries have been coming up with laws and regulations that protect the rights of animals. There are many non-governmental organizations that are engaged in active lobbying for laws to change in favor of animals.

Increased Funding for Animal Welfare

There are a lot of fundraising activities and messages that animal rights and welfare groups engage in. These go into direct costs such as buying food for the animals, providing shelter and rescuing them. There are also indirect costs, such as compensating the people who engage in animal welfare activities.

Most of the groups are always looking for volunteers to help them champion their causes and achieve their mandate. You can always reach out to animal rights and welfare group and offer your skills and services.